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A bit of disappointing news, its official, the Vulcan Materials Make a Break Thru for Cystic Fibrosis hosted by Cure Finders and Food City will not be held this August as previously re-scheduled. Look for us Sept or Oct, 2021.

There were many reasons for this difficult decision, all, of course, prompted by the CV19 illness. We felt that it would be impossible to enjoy the camaraderie of a meal together, and the interaction with so many good friends would be sorely hampered.

This event was founded, supported and exists for one reason, health. We could not, in good conscience, hold the event and potentially compromise the health of so many. It just is not why we gather together.

The amazing news for this years’ event is it was on track to be the largest year ever. Sponsors and teams had committed over $260,000 and we were within a team or two of filling every team slot. What an amazing blessing you are all..

A bit of business. If you have paid for your team, sent money for sponsorships, etc. and would like for your money to be refunded or carried over to 2021, please drop Jim a note or give him a call.  (, 865.755.4913) and he will send a check, mark the books and take care of it.

Cystic fibrosis news: The drug most recently released (and the drug trial that Cale and Callie have been participating in), called Trikafta is proving to be a Godsend for many CF patients. Bottom line, it’s working. You had a hand in that. While the drug is still quite expensive (about $250,000 per year per patient), insurance companies are receptive (with a lot of work of course!) and most patients are able to have it covered.

A personal note from Jim, Barbara, Callie, Gray and Cale:

An update on Callie, Gray and Cale. Callie is now a registered nurse, working full time and loving life. She has recently purchased a nice starter home, has a boyfriend (Yes, he has been threatened already so no need for you to save ammunition, I’ve got this.). Cale has also purchased a home. He has been doing a good bit of mountain biking, jet skiing and more. Gray is still active duty Army, married and has been at Ft. Bragg for nearly a year. He is looking at an upcoming deployment. More to follow

When Callie and Cale were first diagnosed, Barbara and I, like all other CF parents at that time, were told that our children would not need to worry about playing sports, going to college, being gainfully employed or buying a home. The harsh reality shared with us was this: they would not live long enough to have those things. Together we have proved that wrong.

See you next April, or just stop by and say hello. We’ll be here for you just as you have been and are there for us.

Sept or Oct 2021

Vulcan Materials/Food City Make a Break Thru for CF

In 2019, our 17th year, over 500 participants had a great time.  Our volunteers were praised for their efficiency, our sponsors honored at every opportunity and our shooters felt like old friends over for dinner at a shoot on a private range.  That’s important but even better we raised over $206,000 for cystic fibrosis research. Oh, and the best prime rib you will ever eat!  We are committed to an organized, quality tournament, good food, good fun, good friends and a good cause, the cure for cystic fibrosis.  It’s worth every drop of sweat and worry we put into it.  Know this, you may arrive a stranger but you’ll leave as a friend!

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