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The Vulcan Materials Make a Break Thru for Cystic Fibrosis hosted by Cure Finders and Food City will again be held at the new, Iron Mountain Clays, 410 Hardin Rd., Kodak TN (Click to go to Iron Mountain Clays)

We’re done with all the hold backs and are ready to move forward AGAIN! We have done great things together and will continue to do so. Back to the camaraderie of a good competition a great meal and the interaction of so many good friends.

Cystic fibrosis news: The drug most recently released (and the drug trial that Cale and Callie have been participating in), called Trikafta is proving to be a Godsend for many CF patients. Bottom line, it’s working. You had a hand in that. While the drug is still quite expensive (about $250,000 per year per patient), insurance companies are receptive (with a lot of work of course!) and most patients are able to have it covered.

A personal note from Jim, Barbara, Callie, Gray and Cale:

2023 and it’s just getting better and better in the CF world.  We’re ramping up for the big CF shoot and look forward to seeing you, hearing from you and getting to see each of you once again.  We have attached team sign up information (last page) and sponsor information.  Give a look and get signed up!

A short update on two of the CF kids that we know, Callie and Cale Deanda.  They get used as the benchmarks for all of us because we get a snapshot of their lives on a yearly basis.

Callie (now 27) is married, a registered nurse and is doing GREAT.

Cale (25) now managing Iron Mountain Sporting Clays, is also doing quite well. He is in the hunt for a new truck (anyone have a Raptor for him??). He has now finished the remodel on his home, active in his church and all around busy.   

And the Gray man is not to be left out. He is still enjoying his Army career, working with the Special Ops teams at Fort Bragg. While his career is exciting, you can imagine how we dread those late-night calls that tell us he will be out of the country for a period of time. He has seen several foreign deployments and is, of course, keeping his mother and I on our knees praying for his safety. Now, he looking forward to a full year paid vacation in beautiful South Korea.

Most importantly, while cystic fibrosis is always a front burner item in the lives of CF patients, forcing certain behaviors and regimens (treatments, diet, etc.) it has, thankfully, not caused any hospital stays or major illness for our household in the past year.  This is due to the drug, Trikafta, that has been a life changing development for many CF patients, these two included. This breakthrough drug is one of the many that are working and working because of the diligence, finances and prayers you have brought to us. We will continue until CF stands for Cure Found!

Come and shoot with us.  We’ll give you the rest of the story.

See you in April. Stop by Iron Mountain Clays, Barbara, Cale and I are there most all of the time. Sit on the porch, we’d love to talk with you! We’ll be here for you just as you have been and are there for us.

April 21, 22, 2023

Friday April 21 at 9a and 1p are now full!

Vulcan Materials/Food City Make a Break Thru for CF

In 2022, our 19th year, over 500 participants had a great time.  Our volunteers were praised for their efficiency, our sponsors honored at every opportunity and our shooters felt like old friends over for dinner at a shoot on a private range.  That’s important but even better we raised over $250,000 for cystic fibrosis research. Oh, and the best prime rib you will ever eat!  We are committed to an organized, quality tournament, good food, good fun, good friends and a good cause, the cure for cystic fibrosis.  It’s worth every drop of sweat and worry we put into it.  Know this, you may arrive a stranger but you’ll leave as a friend!

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