Tournament Scoring Software

Scoring Software for SPORTING CLAYS

Finally! An easy way to score tournaments.

Sporting Clay Tournament Software

And it’s free (for a while!)

Sporting Clay Tournament scoring was never easier. Stand alone, windows based runtime. Unzip and start scoring. Use printed results, Leader Boards and a whole lot more.

Product is suitable for Windows 10. Can be used with or without a printer. A laptop or standalone PC with the perfect setup utilizing a dual monitor. Monitor 2 should be visible to tournament shooters and friends to display the dynamic leader boards. We use an external monitor driven by HDMI wireless connection. To install, download the zip file, unzip to a known location, select the application file called ClayMore.

We couldn’t find good scoring software for our tournament, Make a Break Thru for CF so we wrote a package. ClayMore allows quick and easy score entry, score cards, station cards, score tabulations, even a Leader Board. Easy, intuitive and free (for a while).

Sporting Clay Tournament Software

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